Our summer collection was inspired by a pursuit of simplicity. We strive for a slowed down + contented life in a world fuelled by consumerism.
We aspired to 
minimize + distill our current product offering to the bare necessities - pieces to transcend effortlessly into every wardrobe.

Welcome to our version of #simplesummer


Uzuri was founded by childhood friends sharing a simple vision - to create. to inspire. to lead where others dared only follow.

To see beauty + grace : With feet firmly anchored on African soil + with aspirations reaching to the heavens, Uzuri aims to clothe the inner dreamer. seeker. scholar. 

We celebrate simplicity with carefully curated items. Aiming to create timeless pieces inspired by the bold + fragile continent we all call home.   

We believe in Africa and in calling out the gold from the hearts and the hands of its people. We believe in fairness and ethical trade – striving for a footprint that is light and kind.

In partnership with South African tradesmen we are continuously evolving, sourcing, crafting + creating, to produce items that echo of equality + grace. 

We are dreamers. Seeking to move mountains. By faith. In love. With passion.