Summer 2017

marks two years since founding a new heartbeat in our Uzurian tribe. It has flourished, was simplified and has imparted hard-earned wisdoms. En route to finding our own voice, the dream has stayed the course: to empower + to stay true to our African roots + to stay embedded in a deep + overwhelming love for this beautifully unrefined continent we call home.

This collection remains capsule in its essence - simplicity being the unrivalled ethos underpinning each new offering. Expect a holistic expansion in product variety: old favourites remain a staple & some new classics joined the revelry. Our colour palette continues to imitate the natural world: caramel browns, mustardy yellows & rich hues of green & wood.   

Our neck piece offering for summer 2017 is the abundant harvest of a slow + rewarding collaboration process between ourselves and the multi-talented Anne Hodgson. The texture and grain of different woods are merged with richly coloured tassels and hand shaped clay beads.

Collaborators have influenced, shaped and encouraged us in the past year: offering up deep wells of wisdom & generously sharing their hearts and dreams have been a blessing. Here’s a special shout-out to not only Anne Hodgson, but also Greyroom and Isabel De Villiers, for allowing us to shine alongside you.

Summating this season in one word —  m a u d h u i

(n.) content

There were times where we have floundered, but our feet found solid ground. We are defined by our own expectations, measured against our own dreams. Still seeking to move mountains. By faith. In love. With passion. But on our own terms.